This week our cranky Brits talk about Gov. Matt Bevin blowing up UofL trustees, and why Louisville should Lexit


What a couple of weeks that was.

Hard to know where to begin. But bugger it, we can’t ignore our esteemed governor — just because he’s hardly been out of the headlines. Pensions, UofL, Medicaid, you name it — he’s taking his wrecking ball to it. I think the general rule applies to governors just as it does to refs: The more you notice them, the worse the match is.

For once you aren’t talking your usual cock and bull. This joke is wearing very thin, very quickly. He appears to be modeling himself on Tom Delay, so perhaps some underling of his should remind him how that career ended. Bevin uttered the words “I have total authority” this week, so no matter what the context, that makes me think his career is, in fact, doomed.

The one consistent thing people say about Bevin is that no matter what room he’s in, he always thinks he’s the cleverest sod in it. A bit like you, come to think of it. Anyway, it’s hard to imagine he isn’t just doing the first thing that comes into his head, and bugger the consequences. I’m-the-guvnah-and-I-do-what-I-like-sort-of-thing.

His career will end in failure, just like his pal Ramsey’s has. It’s called the Dunning-Kruger effect, when someone suffers the illusion of superiority, despite lacking any obvious skill in performing the job, they have been given. Eventually, they all get found out.

More like Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy, if you ask me. The bastard fakes symptoms of fiscal, moral and social discord to imply perfectly-healthy systems are broken. That said, however, perhaps you’re just self-diagnosing.

No, I just have the illusion of superiority that comes with my accent. But the deal Bevin and Ramsey appear to have struck is worse than doing nothing, at least in terms of the rising, and, now wholly justified anger, among the faculty. Whatever support Ramsey might have had before, evaporated last week.

I’m no barrister, but it all sounds about as kosher as Trump University to me. No matter what Ramsey’s done in the past, defending him is getting harder by the minute, especially if, by default, it also means defending Bevin. As for calling the feds’ bluff on Medicaid … as if the Obama administration hasn’t had the last laugh often enough already.

Bevin thinks he’s far smarter than our president, so he’s about to swallow a bitter pill, even if gambling with people’s access to healthcare means nothing to him. As for defending Ramsey, at some point it just isn’t worth it anymore. Bevin and Ramsey screwed over the entire board, never mind the faculty and students. The board gets fired on the spot, and Ramsey gets time to empty his desk and keep on cashing checks from the university and the Foundation. That’s indefencible.

Indeed. And to misquote another outlaw, Bevin lives by the feud. Legally and politically speaking, he’s also likely to die by the feud. I’m no fan of the perpetual, emotional blackmail the university subjects this city to, nor of the power its amateur sports programme wields, but I’m also no fan of us being turned into a punchline either. The situation’s even more embarrassing for Louisville than is Pitino.

Maybe we can Brexit? Lexit? Leave the rest of Kentucky to Bevin, allowing us to become a self-governing utopia. Why not? Britain just did it. Got to be worth serious consideration.

I think I’ve had my fill of referenda, the modern political equivalent of public executions. Believe it or not, I’d rather put up with Bevin for another three years. What a disgrace to Britain, the whole Brexit referendum turned out to be.

Brits have always sneered at how politically short-sighted Americans are, and then we go and vote for the lowest common denominator ourselves. Utopia my arse. But if people think Trump can’t win in November using the same arguments, they are mistaken.

Yep. Frighten the crap out of the Baby Boomers, and it’s game on for Trump. The luckiest generation of human beings ever to have walked the Earth, and how do they seal their legacy? By trying to screw every generation to come. Selfish and short-sighted, a generation of brats and ponces.

For once we are in total agreement. Nothing that a good cup of tea won’t sort out.