Rumor & Innuendo

The score. Kentucky 42 Louisville 38.
Miss that coach in Hot ’lanta. No, not Bobby Petrino (although the “coaching savant,” as one local pigskin expert called him, was indeed The Next Great College Football Coach). No matter who coaches the Cards now or in the future, he’s unlikely to be as good as Petrino. But the name I’ve heard bandied about wistfully is Kevin Wolthausen. He was co-defensive coordinator last season with beleaguered Mike Cassity. You can spin it any way you want, but Louisville’s D in the first two games has been U*G*L*Y — and they ain’t got no alibi.
Bloom off the rose. Koach Steve must be muttering to himself, “I’m not in Tulsa anymore.” Talk about an aborted honeymoon. Imagine if the Cards had lost to Middle Tennessee? Or had to face a better UK team in its opener?

Style points. Running up the score in college games is a necessary evil to be in the “national championship” hunt. If a school aspires to such, you gotta tally big. So why were the Cards running out the clock in the fourth quarter, when another score or two would have padded Brian Brohm’s Heisman scorecard and perhaps helped poll voters forget U of L’s despicable defense?

The Big Beast. Sure, all the major schools are fattening their bowl resumes with sure Ws against Chinstrap Wesleyan and West Sausalito A & P. But still here’s an interesting stat, perhaps of interest only to Beano Cook and me. The Big East has only lost two games total so far, both by Syracuse. Big 12 schools have lost six. Big 11 schools have lost four, two at home by the Wolverines. SEC schools have lost six, but two have been conference games.

SchnellSpeak of the week.
You’ve heard it already but it bears repeating. Not prone to deadpan, Supreme Commander of Fighting Owl Nation was positively ironic when interviewed during the national telecast of U of L/ Middle Tennessee. U of L’s foe had as many total yards in the first quarter as the entire opener against FAU. “I didn’t know we had such a good defense.”
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