Rumor & Innuendo

SchnellReport of the Week.
Frankly, I’ve heard nothing more about our boy’s dalliance with They Call Alabama The Crimson Tide. He is said to have let Mal Moore and Bear Jr., the less-than-dynamic duo choosing Bama’s new pigskin mentor, that, despite his commitment to Florida Atlantic, he was available for the position if offered. What I know is those Tide fans are in Dreamland (Barbecue) viz a viz Nick Saban. They keep callin’ and he keeps hangin’ up. It’s a low tide down there, and I for one think Schnell is the hangtener for the job. He’d surf into Tuscaloosa and declare himself Big Kahuna Bamalama Nation.

Super is Twoper.
Contrary to our American football-addled all-NFL-all-the-time psyche, last year’s less-than-Super Bowl between Pittsburgh and Seattle was far from the most-watched TV show worldwide. ’Twas a distant second to the football match between Italy and France that decided the World Cup. The final tally: World Cup 260 million viewers, Super Bowl 98 million.

Kickin’ it up a notch.
Those rumors about the Bellarmine Knights won’t go away. The ones that say the folks on Norris Place are ready to leap to Division I in hoops.

Cardinal Soap Opera Digest.
Whereas U of L men’s basketball was not so long ago “General Hospital,” it’s now “Days of Our Lives.” Given the team’s dysfunctionality, people in the know are starting to talk. The comparison most oft made when discussing Derek Caracter is Brandon Bender. I’m told that The Rick was properly warned that DC might become a head case of significant proportions. Nonetheless the coach, fully in touch with his inner Henry Higgins, pursued him anyway. Now DC is home for the holidays and you can make book whether the frosh center returns or not. I’m also advised that E5 — that’s Earl Clark to those hip to the lingo — is a really good kid who wants to be a great ballplayer. Lost as he is, he keeps working. One guy’s opinion is that more time off the pine and some nurturing and E5 becomes a star. Same for Jerry Smith.

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