Recently reviewed restaurants

Aug 31, 2011 at 8:15 pm

RICK’S WHITE LIGHT DINER, 14 Bridge St., Frankfort, Ky., 502-330-4262, Only breakfast and lunch are served, and the cuisine is a combination of diner food and Cajun, not really cheap — po’boys are $15 — but worth it. All the meat is Kentucky Proud, grass-fed and hormone-free. Rick’s is worth the road trip. (Reviewed 7/6/11; Rating: 90)


DOC CROW’S SOUTHERN SMOKEHOUSE & RAW BAR, 127 W. Main St., 587-1626, Doc Crow’s indisputably offers up tempting and well-prepared Southern-style fare. I was delighted by an oyster po’boy, loaded with crisply fried shellfish dressed with spicy rémoulade, on an impressive made-in-New-Orleans loaf that was feather light. (Reviewed 7/13/11; Rating: 91)


WESTPORT GENERAL STORE, 7008 Highway 524, 222-4626, The half-hour trek to northern Oldham County is well worth it — Westport General Store’s “upscale Southern cuisine” rewards you with an exceptional meal that matches just about anything you’d find in the city. Signature dishes include a local bison steak, “red-eye” shrimp wrapped in country ham and a first-rate blackberry cobbler. (Reviewed 7/19/11; Rating: 87)


THEATER SQUARE MARKETPLACE, 651 S. Fourth St., 625-3001, Opened in 2009 in the lavishly restored hall that housed the Kentucky Theater, Theater Square Marketplace has been transformed since Chef Dallas McGarity arrived last winter. A diverse menu features a Capriole fondue appetizer, “Devilish” eggs, savory lamb meatballs and spiced black bean cakes, to name a few. (Reviewed 8/3/11; Rating: 90)


ADDIS BAR & GRILL, 109 S. Fourth St., 581-1011, Addis, formerly Lunchbox, has had a name transplant to highlight the Ethiopian aspect of its eclectic cuisine, which includes kabobs, fajitas, curries and more. You’ve got to drill down to the bottom of the menu to find the serious Ethiopian fare, but it’s well worth the dig. The dishes are delicious and offer a filling meal for prices that are more than fair. (Reviewed 8/10/11; Rating: 85)


ROOTS/HEART & SOY, 1216 Bardstown Road, 452-6688/452-6678. Welcome Roots, and its more casual sister eatery Heart & Soy, now open side-by-side in the space that once housed The Egg Roll Machine. The Roots side is Zen-like in its classy simplicity — dishes are Asian-accented but international in scope, and it's all under $10 per plate. The Heart & Soy side features a shorter, even more affordable list of Asian street food. (Reviewed 8/24/11; Rating: N/A)