Recently Reviewed — 5 Restaurants You Need To Visit

May 17, 2018 at 2:16 pm
Margherita pizza at BBC
Margherita pizza at BBC

Looking for a place to eat? Check out which restaurants Robin Garr recently recommended. Click the restaurant's name to read a full review.

Con Huevos – Holiday Manor

"A quesadilla ($7.49) featured a creamy, savory mix of refried black beans — a flavorful spin on the usual pintos — and earthy Oaxaca cheese folded into a tender white-flour tortilla and topped with tangy crema and a mound of fresh-made pico de gallo. A typical Mexican dish, yes, but the Con Huevos touch puts it all together in perfect proportions so every element has an equal voice in the chorus." Location: 4938 U.S. 42 Noise level: When there’s a crowd, it does get noisy, but we could talk with our table companions. (Average sound level 74-84 dB.) Accessibility: There are no apparent barriers to wheelchair users.

Roof Top Grill

"A variety of fried chicken, fish and rib tips dinners range from $3.50 (for a trio of wings) to $8.50 (for a three-piece chicken, barbecue rib tips or fried fish dinner). Sandwiches — a burger, fish sandwich or 'Dread Loc' wrap — are $6.50 with potato wedges or fries, $5 alone.

In two visits, we made a good start toward sampling the entire menu. Nothing disappointed us, and quite a few of the dishes made our taste buds stop and go: 'Whoa!'" Location: 708 Louis Coleman Jr. Drive  or  414 W. Oak St. Noise level: Quiet enough for easy conversation; the volume on two screens tuned to ESPN was turned down low. (Average sound level 63-70 dB.) Accessibility: The level entrance forms no barrier to wheelchair users.

Aladdin’s Cafe

"The multi-page menu starts with about 18 appetizers that range from $5 (for a feta plate, rice, fries, onion rings or even a plate of fried pickles) to $23 (for a lavish mazza sampler plate with your choice of five from a dozen apps). A dozen sandwiches are $7 (for that labneh sandwich) to $12 (for double gyros, with twice the usual amount of meat and toppings on an oversized pita). Eight meals, main-course portions, plus choice of rice, fries or onion rings are $11 (for falafels or chicken shawarma) to $16 (for the double gyros, again, with sides)." Location: 37 Bank St. Noise level: Conversation is easy, even with many tables occupied at lunch. (Average sound level 65-72 dB.) Accessibility: Built entirely on the level, it appears to offer no obstacles to wheelchair users.

Marketplace Restaurant on Theatre Square

"Honey-roasted butternut squash risotto ($23) got it right on the first try. Risotto is challenging for restaurants because it’s best made fresh, a 30-minute process requiring constant attention. The secret is to make a batch in advance, stopping the process with a quick chill, then finishing each portion to order. This can easily screw up the texture of the rice, but Marketplace got it right with a creamy, luscious almost-porridge loaded with roasted root veggie dice and spinach, topped with a generous dab of silken labna (Arabian yogurt cheese) sprinkled with crunchy pumpkin seeds." Location: 651 S. Fourth St. Noise level: On a quiet evening with few customers and soft jazz on the sound system, conversation is easy. (Average sound level 60-70 dB.) Accessibility: This completely-renovated building appears fully accessible to wheelchair users, with no steps or bumps.

Bluegrass Brewing Co., aka BBC

"Margherita pizza ($13) was filling if a bit idiosyncratic, varying the traditional recipe with a potent lake of roasted garlic puree added to the gooey mozzarella, sliced plum tomatoes and snipped basil. The thin, crackery, pale-tan crust reminded me a bit of whole-wheat matzo, not that there’s anything wrong with that." Location: 300 W. Main St. Noise level: Variable. At best, conversation ranges from easy to possible, but noisy neighbors can spike the sound to a dull roar. (Average sound level 75-85, with peaks to 95.) Accessibility: The three-floor restaurant is accessible to wheelchair users via a ramp and one-person elevator at the entrance on the Third Street side.