Brunch dance party at The Butchertown Social

Jun 6, 2018 at 9:52 am
The Butchertown Social

When brunch comes to mind, most of us picture something between hastily pouring ourselves out of bed to consume nourishment that will soak up some of last night’s poor decisions (“please, god, no one speak of Fernet,”) and dutifully meeting up with friends around a pitcher of mimosas and that trendy eatery’s newest take on eggs Benedict. Or, perhaps, a little of both (see also: The still drunk from last night brunch, so both greasy food and mimosas are essential). Still, the fact remains that for Sunday brunch, most of us aren’t expecting to stumble upon a local watering hole taking brunch service to a whole new dimension. The Butchertown Social, which just celebrated its one-year anniversary on June 2, hosts “Brunch & Beats” from 12 to 4 p.m. one Sunday per month, and it will dismantle any preconceived notion you may have of everyone’s favorite portmanteau of breakfast and lunch.

Their last B&B, on what is commonly the most hungover day in the city of Louisville (the Sunday after Derby), morphed into one of the most lit parties I can remember. And, yes, I’m a freelance writer and just used the word “lit”, because I was able to fulfill my lifelong dream of eating a Popsicle out of a mimosa in one hand while holding a pimento cheese biscuit in the other, all while twerking. And, I can’t really think of another word to describe that moment. It was a dream I never knew I always had. And don’t worry, y’all, you can fulfill your dreams, too, because the next installment of Brunch & Beats is this coming Sunday, June 10.

Who dreamed up the magical concept of a daytime brunch dance party? “It was a collaboration between me, Bri (Brianna Hvala, bartender and beverage director at Butchertown Social) and a guy with DJ Hi-Definition named Mark Clayton,” said Isaiah Hoagland, owner of Butchertown Social.

So, what does this “lit” party actually look like, you ask?

Well, that’s the best part. Brunch & Beats has it all. In one corner, there’s the musical stylings of DJ Hi-Definition and his crew (the actual “beats”) on a stage just steps above a dance floor of beautiful Louisvillians literally getting it — a diverse group of humans who evolve from strangers to friends with the flick of a booty and a bass drop. In another corner, just a tad quieter, one can find families with youngsters crowding around a checker board or noshing on breakfast burritos. Meander out back to the patio, and crowds of patrons are socializing, sipping, even petting happy pups in the sunshine. The options at Brunch & Beats are as limitless and indiscriminate as the crowd, which is what makes it so incredibly endearing and welcoming.

“I think the thing I’m most proud of regarding Social is regarding diversity,” said Hoagland, “one night we may offer hip-hop, the next Latin salsa, the following a burlesque show.” One quick look at the events calendar on Butchertown Social’s media pages, and it’s evident that catering to all communities is a great priority. And that was the question creeping into my head as I slowly took in the room, gazing upon a glorious blend of humans all rejoicing together amidst the thick cloud of sound permeating from DJ Hi-Definition... has Butchertown Social finally broken what seemed to be a “bar barrier” amidst Louisville communities, where many of the most trendy bars and restaurants in our town are often painfully, well, white? “(We’ve) had white, black, LGBTQ, Latino, Asian, etc., all at Social at the same time. It’s pretty great and everyone feels comfortable,” added Hoagland.

The only negative thing about Brunch & Beats is that when DJ Hi-Definition and the incredible barkeeps wrap things up at 4 p.m., one will undoubtedly want to keep the party going. Lucky for me, I have close friends just across the street who welcomed us into their home post B&B last go-round. Sorry, y’all, you must know the password.

“Sundays are usually boring, because you’re recovering from Saturday, but the best way to recover is to have a cocktail or two and some good food,” said my friend Zack, Butchertown Social neighbor and B&B enthusiast. “Add that to good music and cool people and now Sunday is even more exciting than Saturday.”