A Workaround For An Almost Flowerless State

May 10, 2023 at 2:22 pm
Mayor Wando wants your questions and thoughts about cannabis.
Mayor Wando wants your questions and thoughts about cannabis.

“If you ever want to accomplish something that is both tricky and ingenious, ask a stoner. We have been coming up with new tech and new tools for consumption, since forever.” - Mayor Wando

Kentucky Medical cannabis users are going to find themselves in a bit of a cannabis quandary. One of the early drafts of SB47 appeared to note that there would not be cannabis flower allowed for medical cannabis consumption. However, this is not the case. Flower isn’t allowed for smoking but vaporization will be allowed. 

     Flower is the actual ‘nug’ of weed that so many people are familiar with. All cannabis growers are growing the actual plant, letting it flower at the appropriate time, and harvesting the cannabis crop. It’s how this crop is used after curing. There’s extra processing steps to extract the cannabinoids, terpenes and THCA, when the flower isn’t the end use, but the extracted matter or concentrates are to be used instead.

Since I can’t smoke the Flower, what can I do?

The absence of smoking flower still leaves many types of consumption options. First, obviously, vaping. Different states have different items available, it will be interesting to see what Kentucky adopts for edible consumption. We’ve seen amazing options in other states, including: food additives, lozenges, candies, drinks, alcohol infused cannabis mixed drinks, THC beverages, infused oils and baking oils and tinctures. With Kentucky moving towards medical cannabis, it’s still needed to remind everyone that the landscape in Kentucky is fluid at the moment as lawmakers work towards the final bills & laws regulating medical cannabis. 

After 2025, the medical availability of cannabis in Kentucky will change. The biggest issue that I have heard about, is that physicians and medical professionals aren’t really thrilled with this idea of ‘Medical’ cannabis. This friction has existed since the beginning of the medical cannabis movement, for two reasons. The first reason is also the biggest reason. Cannabis is still labeled as a Schedule I drug. Per the DEA website, Schedule I drugs are those drugs, substances or chemicals with no medical use and a high risk for abuse.  

Since there is “no currently accepted medical use” for Schedule I drugs, there are not a lot of efficacy studies being done, from a medical or medicine perspective, nor from a socio-economic stand-point. The issue is, there’s just not enough data to make an ‘informed medical’ decision.

The second reason, we can feel quite certain that there’s not a medical professional, in 2023, that will say that smoking anything, or vaping anything, is good for you. So, how will medical cannabis users in the state of Kentucky consume the medical cannabis in Kentucky?

For starters, there will be a wide range of different edibles available. With edibles that are eaten, remember, THC is processed through your liver, so the time it takes to hit the peak, could be between 60 - 90 minutes. If taken sublingually or buccally (under the tongue or through the cheek, respectively), the time to take-off is different. It might only be under 10 minutes with the lozenge, or 90 minutes with a brownie.

RSO a.k.a. Rick Simpson Oil

There are many claims, both good and bad, about RSO. Ultimately, it could work for some, and not work for other people. A quick background on RSO, the creator, a Canadian named Rick Simpson, fell at work off a ladder and developed severe tinnitus. In the early 2000s, Rick was diagnosed with skin cancer. He worked to develop a concentrated THC for his personal use. By creating a cannabis/hash oil, or Oleoresin, Rick made a super concentrated consumable with the whole plant. By consuming or rubbing the tincture on his wounds, he was able to significantly lessen his symptoms. RSO can be ingested under the tongue, on crackers or can be mixed as a tonic to drink. It’s a highly concentrated THC product, so the enjoyment for the medical users isn’t the taste, but the ability for it to work well.

Whew. I know, it’s a lot of information.What questions do you have? Shoot me a line at [email protected]

As always, cannabis use is a person-by-person experience, so not everyone’s experience is the same. Take your time, enjoy the ride.

Canna-curious and have some questions?

Email and Ask the Mayor! Email: [email protected]

Remember, we’re not telling you to use cannabis, but if you do, be informed.

Ever tried to partake of cannabis in nature, and forgotten a tool or a fire source and asked yourself, “How do I imbibe, without the necessary tools?” Cannabis consumers have been able to resolve problems that arise by exhibiting a certain panache — a stoner ingenuity if you will. We’ve had to create solutions for the consumption of cannabis for decades. No pipe, use an apple. There are 101 ways to create a bong. Hot knife dabs? Carefully use a magnifying glass to pinpoint sunlight because the lighter fell out of the kayak. Yay Ingenuity!

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