WWE Live “Road to Wrestlemania”

It’s no secret anymore that the WWE isn’t “real” wrestling (Google “It’s still real to me dammit!”). So you might ask yourself, “Why would I pay money to watch this when I could go watch something like UFC instead?” And you could do that, but then you would be missing the world’s best/worst soap opera in history — a soap opera that is poorly acted, cheesy as hell and ends every scene with someone getting thrown off the top of a 10+ ft. metal cage. And for those who keep up with it, this show will include fights by Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owen, Kalisto, Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler and many more. So let your id run wild for a night, and go enjoy the spectacle of it all.

Saturday, Feb. 27

1 Arena Plaza
7 p.m. | $18-$105