Worst release party

Regularly LEO readers will recognize the name Yoko Molotov. We kind of have a crush on this weirdo whose art runs the gamut from offensive to sweet, sometimes in a single drawing. She’s releasing a new book on New Year’s Eve, and it literally promises to be awful. “WORST: the worst thing i have ever written” will officially splurt into this world on the same day as 2016, which may well be the worst year ever. The Facebook invite describes the book thusly: “WORST is an illustrated experimental novel about sex, hyenas, kidnapping, girls, (and) bad dreams, using cut up and surrealist automation.” Expect some sweet, sweet punk rock and glam to provide the midwifery, as Sick Velvet, RON and Tycoons of Teen make a bad situation worse.

Thursday, Dec. 31

Open Gallery
$5 goes to the bands
2801 S. Floyd St
(615) 294-6366