World Cup Street Festival

Watching the World Cup on TV is fun, especially if you are watching it with a lively crowd. So get off the couch, or out of the office, and join your fellow soccer nuts for Louisville Parks and Recreation’s World Cup Street Festival. In front of Metro Hall will be a 17-foot-by-10-foot HD screen playing the games of the day on July 10, 11 and 15. Traffic in front of Metro Hall will be blocked, so you can use the steps of Metro Hall for seating. There will also be food trucks, a small-sided soccer set-up for youth games and knock-abouts, a radar gun to gauge dead ball speeds, juggling competitions and vendors. Times vary depending on the World Cup schedule, so check the game times online before you head out.

Tuesday, July 10, 11, 15

Metro Hall
Times vary | Free
527 W. Jefferson St.
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