Who To Follow Online

Want to glean insights and wisdom from people who have been fighting for equal rights and social justice since long before the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd? Sometimes the best way to be an ally is to just listen and learn. Here are some people worth a listen:

Perry Bacon Jr. (@perrybaconjr) — Male High School alum. Writer, reporter for FiveThirtyEight.com.

Hannah Drake (@HannahDrake628) — “Mother, author, poet, blogger, publisher, storyteller, truth speaker…STILL GROWING.”

Marc Murphy (@MurphyCartoons) — Award-winning editorial cartoonist for The Courier Journal, trial lawyer who is just out of fucks to give. 

Dr. Ricky L. Jones (@DrRickyLJones) — Chair of UofL Pan-African Studies, columnist for The Courier Journal, LEO veteran and general troublemaker/truth-teller who gives fewer fucks than does Marc Murphy.

Joshua Poe (@JoshuaPoe_Lou) — co-principal investigator at the Root Cause Research Center in Louisville who detailed a history of redlining in Louisville.

Sadiqa Reynolds (@SadiqaReynolds) — Louisville Urban League CEO.

Attica Scott (@atticascott4ky) — state Representative 41st District.

Bruce Williams (FBruceWilliams) — Pastor at Bates Memorial Baptist Church. 

And, finally, LEO Weekly — If you don’t yet follow us on social media, you’re missing out. 

Until there is social justice for black and brown people!

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