Whitey Morgan and the 78s

A supercharged, well-oiled honkey tonk machine that gets as close as you can to the gritty outlaws of the 70s without feeling like a ripoff, Whitey Morgan and the 78s have been on the grind, touring seemingly non-stop, for close to a decade at this point, and that perseverance has paid off. In that time, they’ve went from losing money on the road, to putting together a solid dive-bar route, to, now, playing at mid-sized venues like Headliners. They’re one of those bands that it was great to see play at your neighborhood bar a few years ago, but now you’re more than willing to pay the extra money to see them, because they deserve it.

Sunday, March 29th

9 p.m. | $12-$15
1386 Lexington Road