What the Germantown?!

What the hell is going on in Germantown? That’s the question this festival aims to answer, in the most entertaining way possible. Five of your favorite Germantown hangouts invite you to a day of delicious noms, live music by local bands and plenty of alcoholic drinks! Yum! Starting at 2 p.m. with Slow Charleston at Eiderdown, Jaye Jayle at The Post at 4 p.m., Seluah and Tsunami Samurai play at Four Pegs at 6 p.m., Nachbar has Spleen at 8 p.m. and to finish it all off with a bang — Sweatermeat, Hanoi Jane and Scuzz Master will be playing at Kaiju (the mega-monster themed bar everyone should see). And if you visit all participating establishments, you get a First Annual WTG T-shirt, which I’m assured doesn’t suck!

Saturday, Oct. 17

Germantown Neighborhood
2 p.m. | Free