Wayside Expressions 10th Anniversary Show

I’ve always considered the ability to create art a superpower. An artist can choose to use their creative gifts for good and to help people, or you can take the lesser road and choose to help yourself. My favorite creators are those that can find that magical middle ground. On that note, this month the Wayside Expressions Gallery, affiliated with Wayside Christian Mission, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. To celebrate, they have opened with a juried show featuring artists who have previously exhibited at Wayside. The work spans a multitude of mediums and artistic directions, but has one thing in common: With part of the proceeds going to help Wayside Christian Mission, these artists understand that how to use their gifts to help others.


Wayside Expressions Gallery, Hotel Louisville
120 W. Broadway St.

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Wayside Expressions 10th Anniversary Show

Chasson Higdon is a writer, artist and filmmaker. At an early age, when other boys were learning about sports or cars, Chasson had his head buried in art history books or creating paintings and drawings. This trend has continued on into adulthood, where he has earned his BA in Fine Arts from Indiana University, received multiple awards for his creative endeavors and is still currently clueless about sports or cars.



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