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26th ‘Reel’ Latin American Film Festival (Through Nov. 14)
UofL (various locations) 
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Free  |  Times vary

An American pop singer turned “red” by learning of bloody U.S. intervention in South America. A Brazilian housekeeper and “second mom” to the wealthy whose estranged daughter suddenly re-enters her life. The “Reel “Latin American Film Festival, sponsored by the UofL Department of Classical and Modern Languages, tells the real and fictional stories of Latin America. This week, watch “Panama Canal Stories” on Oct. 10 at Floyd Theater, about generations of people whose stories are tied together by the building of the Panama Canal,  and catch “Birds of Passage,” same day and place, which looks at the origins of the Colombian drug trade from the story of the indigenous Wayuu clan, whose role as drug runners starts to threaten their way of life.

Louisville’s International Festival of Film (Oct. 10-12)
Various locations
Prices and times vary

Louisville’s International Festival of Film, now in its seventh year, crams more than 100 documentaries, feature films and shorts into a three-day period over three venues: The Muhammad Ali Center,  downtown Louisville’s Holiday Inn Express and Suites and the Kentucky Science Center. The films come from all over the world, including Kentucky — kicking off with “Manipulated” on opening night, a “taut” whodunnit from the United States and ending with “Silo,” another American film, this one inspired by the true story of a teenager who becomes trapped in a 50-foot grain silo.

Louisville LGBT Film Festival (Oct. 11-13)
Baxter Avenue Theatres 
1250 Bardstown Road
$10 per ticket  |  Times vary

The Louisville LGBT Film Festival is an intimate affair. Held in the 60-seat Baxter Avenue Theatres for its ninth year, all weekend passes have been sold out, but there are still individual tickets available for a showing of “Just Friends,” a Dutch romantic comedy about two young men whose differing cultural backgrounds and parents complicate their relationship. The film is accompanied by a short. If you’re more interested in a documentary about a men’s chorus on a tour of the deep South or another on lesbian filmmakers, tickets might become available as the Festival’s inventory changes, organizers say. Or, you can show up 15 minutes before a showing and hope to snag an extra seat. —LEO

Thursday, Oct. 10-Nov. 14