Vote By Mail

If you don’t think your vote matters, remember how close we were (5,000 votes) to having to suffer through COVID-19 and protests against police brutality with Matt Bevin as our governor. Because of COVID-19, mail-in voting is available to any registered voter for the first time. Go to the website above anytime, any day through June 15. A ballot request form will be sent to your home, which you will sign and send back (unfortunately, and un-American-ly, you will need to pay for postage at this first stage). Then, soon thereafter, your ballot will come in the mail, this time with a prepaid return envelope. Make your picks and drop it in the mail. This is our opportunity to make sure mail-in and other ways of expanding voting become permanent. There is also expanded in-person, early voting June 8 through June 22 but by appointment only by calling 574-6100. Election Day is June 23, and for now there is only one polling location. Don’t let this be an obstacle to being counted — make this your opportunity to be heard. 

Through June 15

Vote, Kentucky!
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