(Virtual) Vernissage 2020

Vernissage is French for“varnishing,” referring to private previews of art exhibitions, when artists still had the opportunity to put finishing touches on their artwork by varnishing them. How’s that for Wikipedia etymology? This vernissage features Brooklyn artist Jordan Nassar, as well as a collection of photographic interpretations of Louisville’s parks from five local artists, curated by Louisville artist Ramona Lindsey. While this preview party must be held virtually, it provides a unique opportunity to include “a virtual tour ‘behind closed doors’ to see some prized KMAC artworks at the homes of private collectors, and other surprises,” including conversations with the artists. There will also be a raffle for three incredible packages… did someone say Pappy? Options for a home-delivered, three-course, Mediterranean dinner and more are available on the website.

Friday, Nov. 20

KMAC Museum
7-8 p.m. | $25 and up
715 W. Main St.

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