Virtual Friends Trivia

The bars are closed. We miss our friends. And, we miss our usual trivia nights. Au contraire… Tin Roof has got you covered on trivia and friends — pun intended, because it’s a virtual “Friends” trivia night, based on the ‘90s sitcom. It’s free and social and prizes can still be won! But, you might ask, everyone is trying to cheat on trivia night when we’re together, how can we keep people from cheating when they’re self-quarantined at home? Well, questions will be asked over Facebook Live, and the first three people to answer correctly in the comments section will receive a point. Most points at the end wins. There will be two lightning rounds. So make sure you have all your self-poured drinks ready and a solid internet connection. Tips for staff facing financial disruption will also be accepted via “Virtual Tips” through Venmo. Hopefully, as Ross would argue, we’re just “ON A BREAK!”

Thursday, April 2

Facebook Live
8-9 p.m. | Free