Staff Pick: ‘Unnatural Affections’ 
By Bill Pusztai

When is a flower not a blossom, garlic not a bulb, a shell — well, you get the idea. Answer: when sex is involved. “One Pride Day in Toronto,” said Canadian photographer Bill Pusztai, “I noticed a guy taking a million pictures of all the scandalous perverts, but pulling faces to clearly communicate his disapproval. Of course I had to photograph his performance. So, [here’s] a set of illustrations taken from an encyclopedic catalog of human sexual diversity, chosen to poke at the way we run together moralizing and evidence-based medicine to produce ideas about what’s healthy and what’s criminal.” Indiana sculptor Larry Beisler is also showing his stone botanicals. The opening reception is during the April 6 Republic Bank First Friday Hop from 6-9 p.m.

Friday, APRIL 6-May 25

Garner Narrative Contemporary Fine Art
Times vary | Free
642 E. Market St.