U.S. Sen. Rand Paul: ‘The Case Against Socialism’

A first glance of the senator’s fifth book, “The Case Against Socialism,” invites serious consideration with its stark cover with a title in all capitals. The contents don’t match. Readers may learn lots about socialist regimes gone horrible (an inevitability, Paul maintains), but much material here is cherry-picked — not for examination but for rabble-rousing (only a few pages in, there’s a socialist espousing “White Genocide”). Some topics provoke thoughtful consideration (“All Aspects of Culture Eventually Become Targets for the Planners,” “Progress Comes from Rebels and Dreamers”), but others lean into haranguing and patronizing as soon as there’s an opportunity for hype (climate stewardship as a ruse to start destroying capitalism?). The writing style leans on blunt adverbs to quick-cut judgment; why does a libertarian write in a way that doesn’t encourage independent thinking? His reading/signing might be a good opportunity to ask.—T.E. Lyons

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U.S. Sen. Rand Paul: ‘The Case Against Socialism’

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