Two Talks! ‘James Still: A Life’ and
‘Who Killed Betty Gail Brown?’

‘James Still: A Life’ (Nov. 17)
$10 for nonmembers  |  12-1 p.m.

Explore the life of the late James Still, author of the novel “River of Earth,” described as “one of the most beloved and important writers in Appalachian literature.” Carol Boggess, president of the Appalachian Studies Association and author of a biography on Still, will take you through his life.

‘Who Killed Betty Gail Brown?’ (Nov. 21)
$10 for nonmembers  |  6-7 p.m.

A 19-year-old woman strangled to death with her own brassiere on the campus of Transylvania University. A confession from an alcoholic drifter with questionable memory. And a young lawyer, seeking the truth. It’s a true crime story that belongs on Netflix, and you can hear all the details of this infamous case from someone involved. Robert G. Lawson was the young lawyer asked to help defend the alcoholic drifter, and now, as a law professor for 50 years at UK, he is reexamining his record of the case with his personal files and notes. This is invaluable, since no transcript of the court proceedings exists.

Nov. 17 and Nov. 21

The Filson Historical Society
1310 S. Third St.