Transmit 014: DJ Sam-Me & Trevor Lamont

If you’re not ready to go back to an in-person club yet, we don’t blame you. After all, you can get some of the fun at home for free, thanks to Nashville’s DJ Sam-me and his Louisville friend Trevor Lamont. They’ll be hosting a live audio party for at-home listeners this Saturday night. Feel free to forgo the club attire — you won’t have to worry about cameras (paparazzi or otherwise), but you’ll be able to text-chat with other party guests in real time. Still, if you’re really craving the Legitimate Club Experience, don’t let us stop you. Set up your own neon lights. Overcharge yourself for drinks. Drunkenly compliment another girl outside your own bathroom. The DJs will do the rest.

Saturday, May 22

8 p.m. – midnight | Free