Tom Mabe

Louisvillian Tom Mabe is one of the most famous of all Internet celebrities. With a billion or so Youtube hits, Mabe has taken the old “Candid Camera” prank concept to the viral, digital age. Hustler named him “The World’s Best Prankster.” Mabe is also one of the funniest stand-up comedians on the planet and will be at The Laughing Derby this weekend, for a rare hometown series of shows. He is a rare breed of comedian who will make you laugh from the gut, but works entirely clean — no foul language here, even his Internet videos are bleeped. But Mabe insists, “I’m not church-boy clean, either, but you can bring your mother and your children and you won’t feel uncomfortable while I’m on stage. It takes a lot of work to be funny and still be clean.”

June 25 – 27

The Laughing Derby
Times vary | $12–$15
1250 Bardstown Road