Being successful is hard, you guys. The Derby is so popular now that locals don’t even bother going to the event itself. We had collectively decided that the Derby was for suckers and that Oaks was where it was at. But something terrible has happened. The outsiders have grown wise to our tricks, and now Oaks has been taken over too! Damn you, Yankees! So Churchill Downs, in a totally altruistic move that has nothing to do with money, has created Thurby. A day for locals to enjoy the track before the masses arrive and turn everything into a total clusterfuck. So get yourself all gussied up and head down to the track on Thursday. Bet on some ponies, sip on a few specialty cocktails and enjoy some live music courtesy of our other state treasure, WFPK. Everything you love about the Derby without all the things you hate.

Thursday, April 30

Churchill Downs
11am | $15
700 Central Ave.
(502) 636-4400