‘The WasteLand’ by Kathleen Studebaker

The 1960s show “The Outer Limits” began each episode with a voice stating (in part), “You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery, which reaches from the inner mind to — The Outer Limits.” Remember that when viewing Kathleen Studebaker’s sculptures. She explains that she “attempts to create a partial view of another world. Overall, the scene is one of post-apocalyptic mystery; the undisturbed leavings of a lost civilization. This work is about the passage of time and the overwhelming wonder of our inability to stand against it.” Because the studio has a glass wall, you can see the sculptures 24/7 from Magnolia Street For closer viewings, contact the artist at [email protected]

Through April 30

Shohei Katayama Studio
1401 S. Third St.