The Roast of 
Darth Vader

If you aren’t hip to The Bard’s Town’s increasingly theatrical series of comedic entertainment known as “The Roasts,” then you clearly aren’t paying attention. A cross section of Louisville’s finest stand-up comedians get together, taking on fictional personas as they roast a famous fictional character. It’s a little bit stand up, a little bit improv, a little bit theater and a whole lot of fun. They just keep getting better, and with this month’s release of the seventh installment in the Star Wars saga, the roasters are turning their attention to the baddest dude in the galaxy: Darth Vader. With Raanan Hershberg, Mandee McKelvey, Kent Carney, Sean Smith and Sean Keller and more, this should be even funnier than the “Star Wars Holiday Special.” Force choke somebody to get a ticket.

Through Dec. 12

The Bard’s Town
749-5275 | $15, $12 (adv)
1801 Bardstown Road
7 & 10 p.m.