The Moth StorySlam: Topic “Guts”

In today’s world of pervasive media, we are saturated with stories. Stories in movies, TV, songs, podcasts, et cetera. But there’s something to be said for sitting down and listening to someone simply tell you a great story in person. And I’m not talking about your friend’s “last week in a bar” story that sounds like every other “last week in a bar” story. I’m talking about a Moth StorySlam level story. The NPR radio show/podcast, is hosting another storytelling session at Headliners. Anyone brave enough can get on stage and tell a story, but the topic has to be about “guts.” Now, that can be guts as in my-friend-Tom-was-eaten-by-zombies-on-a-movie-set guts, or guts as in I-once-mustered-the-courage-to-ask-out-a supermodel guts. And if your story is good enough, it might even make the radio show/podcast cut.


8 p.m. | $8
1386 Lexington Road