The Louisville Orchestra

Local musicians Dani Markham, JaLin Roze, Will Oldham and Scott Moore join the Louisville Orchestra and conductor Teddy Abrams to perform a “Louisville Concerto” that Abrams is calling a “solo quartet.” The orchestra then turns abruptly to Beethoven’s landmark Symphony No. 3, “Eroica.” After composing two symphonies in the classical styles of predecessors Haydn and Mozart, Beethoven found a soaring voice in his third symphony — reaching new heights of expressiveness and grandeur. Soon Beethoven would be creating more symphonies of monumental size, and infusing all his compositions with emotion and feeling. A cadenza in a concerto, for example, would serve not so much to show off the soloist’s virtuosity as to paint an often plaintive, emotional note in the music.

Oct. 23 – 24

The Kentucky Center, Whitney Hall
11 a.m., Fri., Sat., 8 p.m. | $26-$75
501 West Main St