The Grand Awesoming

The time has come. The great historic roadside attraction that was Guntown Mountain is about to be reanimated … as a whole new reimagined dream park and epic playground with some of the best Louisville treats taking center stage (animatronic band that’ll sing MMJ songs, a Hillbilly Tea, a Why Louisville shop). From now on, it’ll be all fun all the time, but “The Grand Awesoming” is not to be missed: free screening of “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure” and live music by AC/DC (tribute), Riff/Raff and Johnny Berry & The Outliers. It’s an easy day trip down I-65, but for those who want to make a night of it, WigWam Village no. 2 is there for you (you know you want to sleep in a teepee) $5 for all the hollers, free parking, free cotton candy!

Friday, June 19

Funtown Mountain
noon-midnight | Mostly free
101 Huckleberry Knob Road, Cave City, Kentucky