‘The Future is Unwritten’

Mysticisim is heavy in the air this time of the year. The border between this world and the “other” worlds is at its most vulnerable. Revelry Gallery will keep the spirits at bay with the tarot card inspired art show “The Future is Unwritten.” Partake in a haunted night of art, music, costumes and tarot readings by candlelight. The multi-artist show features over 20 artists of a wide range of disciplines, all creating unique and mystical artworks. The artists include Julio Cesar, Bobby Hinkel, Meredith Cunningham, Sean S8N McGlone, Lyndi Lou, John Furse, Harrison Fogle, Ben Barnhart, Megan Johnson, Rich Merwarth, Vinnie Kochert, Ryan Rumsey, Steve Gatrost, Sarah Tidwell, Alex Kennedy, Karl Otto, Cecilia Nichols, Alexandra Rumsey, Quentin Lee, Chris Waugh, Braxton Gaither, Matthew McDole, John Travisono, Grant Goodwine, Michael Braaksma and Peterson Thomas.

Friday, Oct. 23

Revelry Boutique Gallery
7-10 p.m. | Free
742 E. Market St.