‘The Day After: Three New Plays by Ky. Playwrights’

Sundry artists — actors, directors, writers, designers, wardrobe, make-up artists and the list goes on — collaborate in the theater. And so often that doesn’t happen on a completely local basis – but this weekend, at The Bard’s Town it will. Performed in locally-owned space, by local actors, reciting lines that spewed forth from the brains of homegrown writers, “The Day After” will highlight some of the best talent the Bluegrass has to offer. Under the direction of Kristi Johnson, Ky. Playwrights Workshop and Artists Asylum present these works written by Richard Cavendish, George McGee and Nancy Gall-Clayton. “The Day After” promises to be a true celebration of all that is organically poignant about Kentucky theater.

August 12 – 16

The Bard’s Town
7:30 p.m. | $16–$18
1801 Bardstown Road