The Art of Tremain Farrar

Local artist and graphic designer Tremain Farrar will be dazzeling the walls of Louis’s “The Ton” with her brilliant and fearless paintings. Farrar’s delicate and striking style is fascinating to behold. Her layered depiction of animals and chimera-like subjects are beautiful and comforting. Farrar says, “An ecumenical marriage between traditional materials and digital media is also prominent in my work, showcased through hybrid creations of large charcoal drawings with digital patterns or textures. The magnetic properties of self-representation draw me towards making work that is multifaceted and dramatic, literally staging the artist in the image and reflecting the transcendental depth of the human figure.” Farrar’s work is not to be missed. Enjoy her great talent with your favorite libation from “The Ton.”

Saturday, August 22 – SEPT. 19

Louis’s “The Ton”
5 p.m. | Free
1601 Story Ave.