Strive Center 
Open House

I’ve known for a while now that participating in a drum circle boosts your outlook and your mood, but did you know that it also boosts your immune system? Really. And that’s just one of the ways that Strive Center, a new nonprofit creative wellness organization, unites health and the arts. Strive’s executive co-directors, Cheyenne Mize and Nina Rodahaffer, want the center to truly be a community space, so they’re opening the doors to the public to for a celebration filled with live music, art and refreshments. There will be collaging and coloring, poetry readings, drumming and an incredible lineup of live music, including the Strive Family band (featuring Mize and Rodahaffer), Jalin Roze, Jorge & Christie Ruiz, Zack Frye, Vandaveer, Billy Goat Strut Review, Appalatin and more!

Saturday, March 19

Strive Inc.
2-10 p.m. | Free
622 Baxter Ave