‘The St. Matthews Series’ By Mary Louise Schrodt

Mary Louise Schrodt does St. Matthews proud. The late art teacher, whose studio was in the neighborhood, was a photorealist. The 32 oil paintings in her “St. Matthews Series” feature storefronts and architecture from the 1980s. The Schrodt Art Studio was founded in 1975; her daughter, Judy Warren, owns it now. “[The paintings are] a virtual time capsule of life in the neighborhood that surrounded Schrodt Art Studio in the mid-1980s,” she said. “Because she lived and worked there, this series had a special significance to [Schrodt]. More important is its historical significance and value to anyone who experienced life in the St. Matthew community, both then and now.” 

February 19 - March 28

Independence Bank St. Matthews Square
3901 Shelbyville Road