We all need to drink for survival, although what is drunk is up to the individual. And we obviously need something to hold that liquid. Flame Run at Glassworks has got us covered, especially if the drink of choice is whiskey. Welcome to “Spirited,” their whiskey-inspired exhibition. The show features Micah Evans, Pat Frost, D.H. McNabb and Rick Schneider, who just happens to also be a craft distiller. “You buy your whiskey in glass. You drink your whiskey in glass,” Schneider says. “I thought, ‘We should put them together in a show and have artists make glasses for whiskey.’” Schneider, in collaboration with printmaker Nikki Vahle, creates whiskey bottles with images from Prohibition as well as glass replicas of stills.

Through May 23

Flame Run Glass Studio and Gallery
815 W. Market St.