‘Speed’ by 
Gibbs Rounsavall

Rounsavall’s abstract and hypnotic paintings are something to behold. His work is playful to the eye and soothing to the mind. His symmetrical patterns move and vibrate with a life-like power. With “Speed,” Rounsavall uses his bold design work together with inspirations from street art and Barello textile arts. Using quick one-shot enamel paint to push colors to brilliant combinations. “‘The Speed’ series began as a peripheral project while I worked more intently on a larger graphite series. It was intended to be a quick, self-satisfying color exercise, but I found myself immediately engrossed in the possibilities and efficiency of these small studies,” says Rounsavall of his work in “Speed.” This show runs until Dec. 2, but join the artists for the opening reception this Saturday.

Saturday, Nov. 7

Revelry Boutique Gallery
7-10 p.m. | Free
742 E. Market St.