Spalding Festival of Contemporary Writing

Author Angela Jackson-Brown is the presenter in the penultimate day of Spalding U’s semiannual Festival of Contemporary Writing. This year the spring event is all virtual for this celebration of the written word as presented by students, alumni, faculty and guests. There’ll be sessions in the afternoon and evening — each with a mix of poetry and prose. Jackson-Brown will most likely read from her new novel “When Stars Rain Down,” which has drawn early acclaim. This is a tale of a small Georgia town in the 1930s. Relations that a young Black woman sees among family, neighbors and potential lovers are scalded by summer and circumstance — and beaten down by racial oppression.

Friday, May 28

5:15 p.m. | Free (Registration Required)

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Spalding Festival of Contemporary Writing

New Jersey–expatriate T.E. Lyons reconnected with the written word coincident with the arrival of his first child. His byline has since appeared on over a thousand reviews, previews, features, and fiction pieces–and a clutch of journalism awards. Favorite interview questions: “What’s your idea of good country music?” and “Do you think that last question was meant to bait you?” Reading and listening suggestions always welcome.


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