‘Songs Without Accompaniment’

Humans probably used their voices to create music sounds well before starting to craft musical tools from sticks, tubes, skins and rocks. Nowadays, in our tech-driven, fully-processed world, singing unaccompanied seems so radical and daring that no matter its cultural context we refer to it with special terminology: “a cappella,” a term from the European Renaissance that properly means “in the style of the church chapel.” So, on a winter night, I cannot imagine a better place than the historic Chapel of St. Philip Neri for a richly-varied program of unaccompanied solo and choral vocal music that spans time (ancient to modern), place (Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, Canada, the Appalachians) and subject matter (the entire range of human activity). The lineup includes Jessica Northridge, Lance Minnis, Angela Scharfenberger and the African A Cappella Choir. All proceeds benefit The Chapel of St. Philip Nerie and Watershed Festival Kentucky.

Thursday, Jan. 24

The Chapel of St. Philip Neri
7 p.m. | $6
236 Woodbine St.
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