‘Smile’ By N. Dean Christensen

N. Dean Christensen made quite a splash in our local art scene in 2016. The then 23-year-old artist had his first solo exhibition, “The Millennial Man: Me, My Selfie and I,” at Galerie Hertz. It was clear a new figurative painter, with insights into contemporary life, had arrived. After four years of living in Brooklyn, Christensen returned to Louisville to wait out the coronavirus. The result is “Smile,” his pandemic show. What characterizes Christensen’s art — social media commentary, selfies and satire — continues, plus he’s added references to famous artists like David Hockney and Jeff Koons. The exhibition is scheduled for another showing at New York’s Gallery at Empire Stores later this year. 

Through SEPT. 5

Galerie Hertz
1253 S. Preston St.