Slack Tongue City Poetry Reading

Poet Mackenzie Berry has gone to universities to hone her art — but her perceptive eye is a gift from her hometown. She’s given back to Louisville much already, with some of it compiled into her first book, “Slack Tongue City.” Berry’s neither obsessed with, nor afraid of, abstraction. She’s also not hesitant about grit, but has the maturity to understand the loss that would result from wallowing. Instead she wades into the ways our culture and mistakes and relationships have nurtured (or exposed) her to see shame and comfort and resilience — whether obviously affecting herself, or implicated through the lives of those she shared breath and space with, down the street or across town. Berry will read at the Jeff St. Baptist Community at Liberty (also the title of one of her poems). To accept her brazenly exploitative downtown suits as much as her hopeful rebellious Baptists, you might have to gird yourself for “the spill that beckons the washing, the deep clean, loud & heard.

Saturday, June 4

Jeff Street Baptist Community at Liberty
4 p.m. | Free
800 E. Liberty St.

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Slack Tongue City Poetry Reading

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