‘Ruminations, Musings & Lucid Daydreams’

Mark Palmer is living proof that you can never be too busy. He co-founded two businesses (OOHology and Makespace) and is launching a third (DoorBelles). In the spare time that he has so little of, he paints. After 20 years, Palmer is having a solo exhibition featuring 13 new large paintings and drawings. The works in “Ruminations, Musings & Lucid Daydreams” are “not only a chronicle of his psyche but a deftly controlled representation of the year spent producing the work,” according to gallery owner Tim Faulkner. Many represent Palmer’s recovery from a serious health issue, with titles summing up his outlook. One of my favorites is “I Jumped Into The Abyss But It Only Came Up To My Knees.”


Tim Faulkner Gallery
1512 Portland Ave