Rose Island History Hike

Rose Island was once an entertaining getaway that included an amusement park, hotel and swimming pool. Today, it’s still drawing visitors, but now they are looking for a unique hike through a state park… and history. Guided tours of the park and remnants of the summer resort destination will be available on Fridays and Saturdays through the end of July. While those who visited the site from the late-1880s until it closed (due to damage from the 1937 flood) took the Idlewild steamboat, now the Belle of Louisville, you will need to drive the half hour up the river. Meet at Trail 3 or 4 for the two-hour tour. The hikes take place Fridays and Saturdays through July 27.  —Aaron Yarmuth

Friday, July 12-27

Charlestown State Park
2-4 p.m. | Free
12500 State Road 62, Charlestown, Indiana
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