Roots 101 Poetry Slam

Roots 101 African-American Museum is hosting their monthly Roots 101 Poetry Slam. For those who want to slam, the cost to attend is $7, but for attendees who are there to cheer the poets on, the event is free. For this slam, there are five judges who will be scoring the poets from 0-10. The emcee for the event will be Deep C. Rice. For all poets, be sure to check the rules before the event. All poems must be original works of the poet. Each poet is allotted three minutes and points will be deducted if anyone goes over that time. Don’t bring costumes or props because those can cost points as well. For a good night of fun and wordsmithing, the Roots 101 Poetry Slam sounds like the perfect evening. Oh yeah, there’s real prize money. 

Tuesday, July 6

Roots 101 African-American Museum
7-9 p.m. | $7
124 N. First St.
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