The Rocky Horror Ball 2017

Attention all you sweet transvestites, from Transsexual, Transylvania. Bust out your most transgressive outfits, refresh yourself on all your favorite Rocky Horror lines and head down to PLAY Louisville for, well, a play. Acting Against Cancer is doing a live rendition of this “beloved story of horror, hysteria and heels,” followed by a costume contest (my vote’s for anyone dressed as a “Satanic mechanic”). Actor Remy Sisk, who plays Rocky, said about performing the play at PLAY: “I personally love that this show, that celebrates and exalts being an individual, is annually performed at PLAY, a place that emphasizes deliberate inclusion and individuality.” So go, enjoy the show, do the “Time Warp” on the dance floor and feel good about supporting Acting Against Cancer, which has the unique mission of encouraging “the arts as an approach to pediatric cancer treatment by producing dynamic theatre.”

Saturday, Oct. 21, 28

PLAY Louisville
9 p.m. | $10
1101 E. Washington St.