‘Record Store of 
the Mind’ 
by Josh Rosenthal

He’s seen the record industry from both sides now — and I don’t mean “win and lose.” Josh Rosenthal put in plenty of years working his way into, and then for, the major labels. Over the last decade, his impacts on music have come about through a much different world — the indie labels. He clearly wants to do even more: His love for raw and rootsy recording artists (past and present) has fueled freewheeling and impassioned essays that form the heart of the compilation “Record Store of the Mind.” True to his style, when he comes to Carmichael’s for reading/signing he’ll bring along some underappreciated musical talent (Nathan Salsburg). Rosenthal’s is a very capable voice — let it have the chance to adjust your ears.

Sunday, April 17

Carmichael’s Book Store
4 p.m. | Free
2720 Frankfort Ave.