Reclaiming the waters of the Ohio and seizing the day for Ohio river restoration

It may not be for the same reasons that George Rogers Clark founded Louisville on the shores of the Ohio River, but the river and its tributaries are as critical to the city today as they were then. And it’s now up to us to save them. Begin the day exploring “How Restoring the Ohio River Watershed Can Build a Thriving ‘Blue Economy,’” with keynote speaker John Austin, director of the Michigan Economic Center. Then, join staff from the National Wildlife Federation in planning how to restore the Ohio River ecosystem in a way that is “integrated with equity and social justice.” We believe we have a historic opportunity to engage many diverse stakeholders in crafting a visionary ecosystem restoration plan for the Ohio River that leads to a strong restoration economy, supports people who have historically borne the brunt of pollution and environmental degradation — people of color, rural and low-income communities, and tribal nations — and benefits fish, wildlife, and many other species in the basin,” according to organizers. A Zoom link and Information to join the conference is available on the website above.

Friday, Oct. 2

9 a.m.-noon | Free