‘Realms of Hiraeth: The Art of 
Rachel Stottman’

Using the natural world as a backdrop, Rachel Stottman’s new body of work weaves dream-like subjects into a naturalistic web of fantasy and mythology. “Hiraeth” is a noun, meaning “a homesickness for a home you cannot return to, or that never was.” Stottman’s paintings capture “hiraeth” with haunting images that seem lost in their world, yet comforted at the same time. Like a disconcerting dream that leaves you struggling to remember enough of it to know exactly why. Stottman’s paintings are beautifully layered with rich colors and contain embolden markings and organic textures which heighten the drama between the natural world and Stottman’s imagination. There will be an artist’s night on Friday, March 18 for a chance to meet the artist.

Through April 3

Lydia House
1101 Lydia St.