Quite Literally, Definitely Pinwheels, Sam Brenzel — Majazztic ‘Mingos

Apparently, this is an event for ‘hepcats’ to relive the past underground of music and poetry scene of 100 years ago. The guest of honor, Gregg Wagner, will present a selection of works from the late Jim Webb (poet activist, music and nature lover). Webb was from Whitesburg, Kentucky. The night will progress into an evening of unique and “colorful”  jazz to get folks moving. The band, Quite Literally, is a folk band inspired by swing jazz. Guaranteed to get folks out of their chairs.  This event is 21+.

Friday, Jan. 7

The Flamingo Lounge
9 p.m. | $10
119 S. Seventh St.
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Quite Literally, Definitely Pinwheels, Sam Brenzel — Majazztic ‘Mingos

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