Punk vs. Metal 
for Planned Parenthood Benefit

Louisville’s best dive, the Mag Bar, has no doubt seen its fair share of regrettable decisions. But there will be no regrets about seeing the epic Punk vs. Metal show they’ll be hosting this Saturday, especially since the proceeds for the event go to help support women’s health care. Some of Cools-ville’s best are standing with Planned Parenthood including Hot Prowlers, Dick Titty Blood Punch, Boner City, Last Question, Them God Damn Bangs and Sweatermeat. With all the talk of dicks, titties, boners and sweater meats, it makes sense this group would be sex positive and pro-women. The only way this show could be any cooler is if it was in Matt Bevin’s office. Actually, that would be less cool.

Saturday, March 5

Magnolia Bar
9 p.m. | $5
1398 S. 2nd St.