Psych Fest

Headliners is trippin’ hard. Thats the only way I can explain their upcoming Psych Fest. Two nights with 10 psychedelic bands for only 10 bucks? This music festival will most likely cause intense hallucinations and generally happy feelings as bands New Bravado, The Hot Wires, Graffiti, Dream Eye Color Wheel and Family Dog take the stage on Friday night. And on Saturday you might feel like you’re floating in a sea of color as The Wrists, Black Birds of Paradise, Parlour, Broadfield Marchers and Kaleidico play for your pleasure. Headliners put it best when they described this festival as “two nights, 10 bands and one Helluva’ trip.”

JULY 24 – JULY 25

9 p.m. | One Day $8, Weekend $10;
1386 Lexington Road